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The project 

"The Arts Ring" Erasmus+ project is the result of a collective effort of six partner schools for internationalization and innovation through the exchange of good practices. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, that in an unpredictable way has put to test our schools regarding inclusion, has led us to want to create this Erasmus+ project. It was during the confinement phase that we assessed the need for an involvement of the artistic component to help each and every student communication and linguistic needs, involving families, local and national artistic partners, in a construct of formal and non-formal learning contexts. The project began in March 2021 and ended in August 2023.

Adressed topics:

a) Creativity and culture

b) Special needs

c) Inclusion


​Target groups:

a) Students (8-14 years old)

b) School staff

c) Schools

d) Artistic partners  (local, regional, national, international)​

What are the Arts Rings?

The arts rings are circular structures set up in each school where arts are explored. The circular shape reinforces the absence of corners, of exclusion. It's a space for open communication, where all the participants have a voice and are on an equal footing, values defended by all the six school communities. In these spaces there is a sense of belonging, together building an European identity. 


Through this website and our social media, we invite you to be part of The Arts Ring and get to know the work developed.​

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