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Learning, Teaching, Training Activities

This project funded the development of six mobilities, namely one in each partner school. Each event represented a celebration of the work done on the art associated with each local community. Each mobility was preceded by planning by the host school, totalling six days, including four of direct activities. More than 2oo participants have travelled and took part in the different mobilities. Locally and with the help of streaming, the number of local and online participants exceeded one thousand. By going down this page you can see the videos that compile all the work developed. 

C1 - Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal
March 2022

Circus arts were explored during this mobility.

C2 - Alexandria, Greece
May 2022

This mobility was dedicated to the Greek sculpture. 

C3 - Seville, Spain
October 2022

This mobility focused on the Flamenco music and dance. 

C4 - Vidin, Bulgaria
January 2023

This mobility was dedicated to the Bulgarian Folk music and dance. 

C5 - Trapani, Italy
March 2023

This mobility focused on ceramics and local resources like salt and coral. 

C6 - Izmir, Turkey
May 2023

This mobility was dedicated to the Karagoz and Hacivat shadow play. 

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