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Here you can explore some work produced throughout the project. We hope that it can serve as an example of good practice to be reproduced in other contexts. 

The Arts Ring Methodology

This methodology considers the student as the centre of learning. As you can see in the methodology scheme, the process begins with the student's profile, needs and expectations, followed by a process of self-knowledge and contact and experiences with arts. In this process, teachers and colleagues support this journey, with a view to developing new forms of communication and expression through art, which in turn contribute to the development of new skills and profile. It's a cycle that is fuelled by the interest, curiosity and creativity stimulated by continuous contact with artistic activities held at the Arts Rings. 

The Arts Rings were the first tangible products of this project. They are circular, removable spaces that can be set up both inside schools and in the community. They are inclusive spaces for communication through arts.

In addition to the weekly classes that take place in these spaces, they are also places for students, families and staff to gather and discuss ideas about inclusion and the arts protection and dissemination.

An important detail of this work is the suggestion box. Each Arts Ring has a box for sharing ideas and expectations, which can be the starting point for assemblies where the democratic spirit is encouraged.


Lesson plans

This compilation of lesson plans supported part of the work shared between the partner schools and developed throughout the project. Here you can explore some artistic activities that include aims and the main strategies and procedures. 

Assessment documents

Here you can find some examples of documents used for evaluation at different stages of the project. Throughout the project there was an attempt to use digital resources to build the different instruments and, whenever possible, we favoured the use of images so that we could give a voice to all the students, regardless of their form of communication.

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